Friday Photo: No. 53

What are you up to this weekend? We are meeting up with some of CJ's cousins from Pennsylvania for a little overnight hiking trip through the Pocono mountains. I'm looking forward to a few days of breathing in air that smells of sweet pine needles and taking in rough, imperfect scenery. Have an adventurous one, friends!

+ Oh, leather top, be still my heart.

+ This looks likes a funny book about wearing your heart on your sleeve, maybe a little too much.

+ This seafood shantytown looks like a cool spot to eat this summer.

+ NYC shopper's, take note!

+ The perfect summer hair.

+ A make-your-own twine belt

+ What does your perfect getaway look like?

+ Is this not the sweetest print?

+ These wall stickers are so clever.

+ Wowza! This jewelry is perfectly dainty.

+ Love these salads as we round out summer.

+ I want to get my hands on some of this mascara.

+ This video captures the wonder of working in a creative field. Beautiful.

{Photo credit: unknown}


Wanderer Of The World: Disney World

Since I am so incredibly behind on posting all of the trips we've taken this summer, I'm just going to roll them all out this week. Pull out your passports, friends. 

First stop, Disney World!

Back in April we were plotting a family vacation when the mister threw Disney World into the hat. I voted for anything other than Disney World. CJ was the swing vote. The odds weren't good. I attempted to bribe him towards the cultured wonders of the world by telling him how cool it would be to throw a beach ball in St. Lucia or ride a trolley in San Francisco.

A few weeks later we were rubbing elbows with Mickey. Wheee! Honestly, CJ had been asking to go to "Mickey's house" for like a year and when I saw his little eyes grow to the size of two little globes I knew this was the wonder of his world. 

I probably should have a bazillion and two pictures from our day at Magic Kingdom. But. I don't. Quite honestly, the day was a bit overwhelming. There were massive crowds of people and it was all I had in me just to keep an eye on CJ as he went full steam ahead, darting from ride to ride. Juggling drinks and balloons and an overheated kid doesn't make for easy picture taking. And honestly, I wanted to enjoy the experience with my little family. To sit next to them as we rode the magic carpet, not a camera between us. To laugh as we plummeted down the log ride, not working to get the perfect shot. For him to remember me begging him to ride the teacups again, not to pose for another picture.

I did take some pictures to remind CJ that he was at Disney World when he was three. And I feel better knowing the memories they jog to life will include me in them. 

We did everything your little heart could wish for at Disney. We met Mickey Mouse 35 times. Took pictures with Buzz Lightyear. Rode magic carpets and jungle boats and alien-hunting spaceships. We ate pineapple ice cream and cotton candy and funnel cakes. We wore Mickey ear hats and pirate hooks. We skipped through Cinderella's castle and bumped into Jasmine while buying a balloon.

And oh those teacups.

I can't say I wasn't wishing for St. Lucia about 392 times as we waited in lines longer than the DMV for rides and bought expensive toys and sweated while waiting to take a picture with a Disney celebrity.

But I have a soft spot for those teacups. CJ only wanted to ride them once and pointed to the racing cars one ride over the whole time. I felt slighted. I needed at least a few more twirls in those girly cups that made me feel like I was the honored guest at the Mad Hatter's tea party.

So when next year rolls around and it's time to throw around ideas for our next family vacation I may just be asking myself, does St. Lucia have teacups?

P.S. If you do make the trip to Florida to visit Disney World an insider's tip to surviving, head to Park Avenue in nearby Winter Park where the farmer's market held in an old train depot, adorable boutiques and the Italian food at Prato will erase your tourist-trap trauma. 


Friday Photo: No. 52

Welcome to the weekend, friends. My niece and her friend drove up from Philadelphia to visit for the next couple of days. I'm looking forward to girly giggles, homemade face masks and going for grilled barbequed skewers on a rooftop overlooking the High Line. P.S. After a quiet week, there will be lots of blogging next week. Pinky swear!

+ A strawberry face mask.

+ Check it, ice cubes that will fit into a can or water bottle.

+ London calling.

+ A paint-by-numbers pillow

+ Macaroon mixes. Yum.

+ How do Parisian girls always look so perfect?

+ This street in Portugal is a must see.

+ Home at 7, Dinner at 8.

+ Polka dot flats.

+ This restaurant writes the menu on a paper tablecloth! {P.S. I'll miss you, Ashley!}

+ A book lover's map of America.

+ This tattoo is so funny.

{Photo credit: unknown}


Friday Photo: No. 51

We just recently got back from our trip to the beach in Delaware and I'm up to my knees in beach laundry, where I've found enough sand to build a beach in my bathtub. This weekend will be slow and steady with lots of Montreal-style bagels from the Mile End Deli and a take-out taco picnic along the water with friends. Have a simple weekend, loves.

+ These crochet shoes sort of peaked my interest.

+ Great iPhone case. And even better motto.

+ Looks like I may be crafting this weekend.

+ The Olympics are coming.

+ These paper mosaics are beautiful.

+ Is your home ready for its close up?

+ Wowza! Chocolate cups!

+ This photo series on being pregnant is pretty nifty.

+ Wish listed.

+ The perfect cookbook compilation if you are a veggie {or just like them).

+ These summer picnics are perfect.

+ Stop the presses! Classic books to dock your iPhone!

+ The perfect pretty dress.

+ Blue and gray.

+ We had a derecho in NYC last night & these photos of it are pretty stunning.

+ Interesting read -- are makeup free photos are publicity stunt?

{Photo via Maison Boheme}


Retreating To The Sea

Definition of vacation per the Stanley dictionary: Retreat to the sea where the air smells like coconuts and salt. Stake out a plot in the sand that is the color of buttered caramel. Read a book. Fall asleep in a beach chair with your feet in the bubbly surf. Play badminton in your bathing suit. Repeat times a hundred.

We are currently stationed at the shore in Delaware with my husband's family, enjoying a couple of days making our skin look a little more honey-colored and our hair look a little more straw-colored. 

Life looks different from a beach blanket. Wonderfully so. Sunshiny, bright and bold.

What is your favorite beach or type of vacation? How is your week going?

{Photo credit via Modern Girls & Old-Fashioned Men}