Friday Photo: No. 57

I've said it once and I'll say it again, I've been horrible at writing lately. Life hasn't exactly afforded me with that extra hour {or two!} a day I asked for. Oh, well. I've put together a little editorial calendar, so next week buckle up, writing, pictures, updates, thoughts, inspiration, everything, is coming. In the meantime, this weekend we are traveling to Philadelphia for my teeny nephew's birthday. Live it, my loves!

+ This should get your weekend scooting.

+ Funny print.

+ And a not-so-funny print.

+ I love the idea of cement stools for my make believe loft.

+ I want to eat this all weekend.

+ Jackie Kennedy gold, right here.

+ I've found myself digging up everything I can on Iris Apfel lately. Intriguing lady.

+ This book of maps look deliriously good.

+ Let's sleep in an igloo this winter.

+ Ogling.

{Photo via Due North}


Friday Photo: No. 56

This weekend we are celebrating my sweet CJ turning four with a picnic along the Hudson River. Our family, friends and a whole heap of red balloons will be in attendance. From the grassy park you can see the Statue of Liberty and the air smells sweet and salty. Bonus: we're ordering from the NYC burger hotspot Shake Shack for everyone! What are you up to, dear readers?

+ Candy corn Oreos. Whoa!

+ Snap happy! The best Instagram feeds to follow.

+ The New York Pizza Project.

+ I'm hooked on grey bedding lately.

+ I want to try this red lipstick.

+ Found! An amazing bedside reading light.

+ Holy moly! I'm dreaming of leather sweaters this fall.

+ Oh yes, a cakestand made from chocolate

+ The 10 best scented candles.

+ This vintage children's chair is so very sweet.

+ An off-the-grid house

 {Photo via Daily Bits of Beauty}


Friday Photo: No. 55

What are you up to over the weekend, friends? CJ is visiting my parents in Pennsylvania one last time before the bustle of school starts, so the mister and I are really looking forward to a few free days alone. Aside from some mundane organizing we need to do, we plan on 1) sleeping in, 2) zipping up to North Fork to sip wine at the vineyards and stop by the roadside fruit farms, 3) sleeping in and 4) sleeping in. Enjoy the long weekend, loves.

+ Gold flats that make you feel like a ballerina.

+ Golly, I want to visit this swimming pool/crater.

+ For a lazy night, Chinese takout...minus the box.

+ And speaking of food, things just got real, a s'mores cookie bar!

+ I want to sneak in an outdoor dinner party before winter creeps in.

+ Oh, leather.

+ Aren't these vintage drawers perfect?

+ Well dang, this is inspiring my organization projects.

+ Oval brass stacking rings are so darling.

+ Oh boy, do you have tattoo regret?

+ I really want to see this Broadway musical.

+ Take a peek at this tonight.

{Photo credit: unknown}


Birthday French Toast With A Candle

Do you know what's better than a birthday cake? A piece of French toast with a candle in it. Welcome to the world according to my husband.

This past weekend was Mr. S's birthday and since breakfast is his favorite meal and he's not much into birthday cake {more on that later}, CJ and I decided to treat him to a little birthday breakfast on the terrace at the Gramercy Park Hotel.

We got up early, cabbed it uptown and pressed the up button in the elevator. Going up, up, up. Symbolic of a birthday, really. And you know what? Things are really good up. I sipped on coffee that puffed out tiny clouds of steam and looked out over the city. Early on a Sunday morning is my most favorite time to be out and about in Manhattan. It's still and solemn and feels lonely in the absolute best of ways. Watching the skyscrapers wake and rise up is like watching the sun rise on the beach. You've got to do it.

Our table was drenched in the most perfect morning light, it was soft yellow and purple, like the swirl of a cake batter dripping from the sun.

So it was me, the mister, CJ and the Chrysler Building bonding over birthday bagels. Yep.

We ate eggs out of frying pans, nibbled on fruit with mascarpone and brown sugar, drank fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice and peanut-butter milk, and yes, sang happy birthday over a piece of French toast with honey and fresh berries.

And if by some teeny tiny chance Mr. S wished for a birthday cake, CJ and I presented him with a pineapple and coconut creation later in the day, complete with CJ singing happy birthday on his accordion. Because on your birthday, you can have your cake and eat your French toast, too.


Friday Photo: No. 54

If I were in blogging summer school, I'm pretty sure I would have flunked out by now. F minus for the brunette in the back. Whoops! But now that we are snuggling back into our schedules around here and CJ will be starting back to school, I'm prepping to head back up to the front of the class. Yep. I've got a lot to say about things that have been happening around these parts. Anyway, this weekend is the husband's birthday and CJ and I plan on attempting to make him an ombre cake. A vibrant, bright, bold one for the light that anchors our family. More to come, folks. More to come.

+ The best new souvenir -- a can of NYC {or Paris!} air.

+ A whole bunch of New York City guides.

+ A door that sounds like Miles Davis

+ I'm hankering for the perfect pair of oxfords this fall.

+ Lincoln Center by night. Stunning.

+ Dress your tech.

+ These leather ties are my new best friend.

+ What a glorious {and brave!} way to boost your budding Picassos.

+ The tippy tops of Paris.

+ Hmmm...I'm wondering about dark red lipstick now.

+ A flying baby!

+ Raspberry, honey & black tea sorbet. You're welcome.

{Photo credit: Better With Butter}