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How To...Have A Beach Day In February

There is no better feeling than heading into the weekend knowing it's a long one. It's like someone dropped 24 extra hours of life on your desk and said, spend it wisely. Just that one extra day feels like the perfect gap between the barrels of work piling up around you and being able to stretch out and relax. The world is your oyster. Decadent. 

With just a few weeks left in winter {fingers crossed!}, we had planned to take CJ to upstate New York and hit the slopes. We signed him up for a ski lesson, bought him a pair of puffy pants that made him look like a marshmallow and Greg and I debated about whether A) I would make it to the bottom first or B) I would take silver while Greg raced to the end of the trail winning gold {correct answer, C) CJ beats us both}.


The weekend came and it was 50 degrees. The sun felt warm, like drops of golden honey and the sky was glowing a punchy blue that made you feel perky and alive.

So we nixed our ski trip and decided to wage war on winter.

And, instead, we had a wintery picnic. On the Sandy Hook beach. In February.

Spend it wisely.

We packed white truffle popcorn, steamy hot chocolate, a thermos full of lobster bisque soup and lots of fuzzy blankets. We raced across sand dunes the color of burnt sugar, instead of racing down a snowcapped mountain and drank our hot cocoa listening to the sound of crashing waves, not the sound of crunching ice. We had on our boots and mittens and jackets, not our swimsuits and sandals.


We didn't mind.

The air was crisp like a newly washed sheet and left pebbly pieces of salt sticking to our skin. The water boiled deceptively onto the sand like a bubble bath. And the clouds, like mighty cotton balls above us, dabbed away the cold weather. 

CJ loved having the whole beach to himself. It was like we rented a private island for the day and the swath of sand had swallowed us up into the grainy pages of a magical storybook. We made Xs in the sand and dug for buried treasure, ran along the foamy waves, played soccer with the seagulls and twirled until we felt dizzy enough to tip into the ocean. 

It was the perfect summer day.

That wasn't summer.

The best part is we felt a million miles from home.


We weren't. {Can you spot Manhattan in the distance?}


We spent it wisely.

What did you do over the long weekend? Have you ever had a picnic on the beach in the middle of winter?

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